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JR Ball: Louisiana needs an education

Until Louisiana gets serious about education and fighting poverty it will remain ranked as one of this country's worse states.
Stephanie Riegel CATS

Riegel: How many consultants does it take to run CATS?

How many consultants does it take to run CATS? The shocking answering is at least 10, including three for marketing and communications.
Baton Rouge McCollister

Publisher: Why is Niranjan Baisakh still employed at LSU?

Given recent events and the ongoing Title IX scandal at LSU, one has to wonder why an AgCenter professor is still employed by the university?

Alford: Democratic Party targeting new voters

Republicans have enjoyed a hot streak in Louisiana, capturing most statewide and federal offices and tipping the scales in elected bodies like the Legislature....

Alford: Politics of redistricting gets personal

The first paid advertisements of the redistricting cycle, purchased specifically to influence how state legislators will draw an election district next year, have surfaced in the Acadiana region.

Guest opinion: Setting the record straight on industry response to orphan well claims

Recently, environmental groups have called for the removal of oil and gas industry representatives from Louisiana’s Oilfield Site Restoration Commission, the body that oversees the Department of Natural Resources' Orphan Well Program. 

Alford: Sales tax amendment suddenly faces hurdles

After several months of feuding with lawmakers over funding for various projects and her administration’s COVID-19 restrictions, New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell has come out against the legislative leadership's crown jewel on the fall ballot—Constitutional Amendment No. 1 to centralize sales tax collections. 

Alford: Democrats rally around new personalities  

With Gov. John Bel Edwards nearing the midpoint of his final term in office and former Congressman Cedric Richmond working for the White House, Democrats in Louisiana are looking to the future and wondering who will be the next big names. 
JR Ball Louisiana Baton Rouge

JR Ball: Flooding is plainly a way of life in Baton Rouge region

The Baton Rouge region, despite what we say, won't solve its flooding problem. Why? Because we don't want to do what it takes to address it.
Stephanie Riegel CATS

Riegel: Who’s regulating the regulators in Louisiana?

Whether its nursing homes, the power grid, industry or picking up the garbage the question is the same: Why won't those responsible for regulating these services do their job?