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St. George incorporation hearing set for Thursday

The defendants in the lawsuit seeking to stop the incorporation of St. George in East Baton Rouge Parish will try on Thursday to take certain issues off the table prior to the start of the trial this spring. 

Revisiting sales tax overhaul ‘ripe’ for this year’s session

Lawmakers could give Louisiana’s complex sales taxes collection system another look this year, even though this year’s regular session is not focused on fiscal matters, consultant and former Department of Revenue official Jason DeCuir says. 

Will high-earning Louisianans pay more in state income tax this year?

Louisiana lawmakers and voters last year approved a tax swap that lowers income tax rates while eliminating the deduction for federal taxes paid.

What’s next for BRAF and new head Chris Meyer?

Chris Meyer, founder and CEO of New Schools for Baton Rouge for the last 10 years, is leaving the nonprofit to take over for John Davies at the Baton Rouge Area Foundation on Feb. 1. He’s setting his sights on a lot of the same goals the foundation has had for years, but also on some new areas.

JR Ball: Excellence starts with actually caring about excellence

What if we held Baton Rouge and the parish that calls the capital city home to the same standards of excellence demanded of our beloved LSU football program?

McCollister: Counting our assets: Past and future

While Baton Rouge and the Capital Region have many assets, it's time to focus on the attributes that will attract and retain residents.



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